With AI becoming better at creating, the advantage one human has in crafting a specific output deminishes. While today, one designer might have an advantage over another by being better at turning an idea into reality, that advantage will get smaller and smaller as better AI is developed and more people get access to it.

So while this edge gets smaller and smaller, the differentiating factor becomes having better ideas. And as AI gets better at helping to generate ideas, the only differentiating factor left becomes taste.

So in the future, one person will probably produce better artwork, text or iconography, solely by having better taste than another.

What better taste then means is another question. Maybe having a better feel for what current trends are. Maybe having a taste that's more aligned with what everybody else likes. Or maybe just randomly having a taste that comes into fashion.

But currently I'm sceptical of learning the craft of creating digital output. Learning to illustrate, learning to design iconography or learning to build 3D worlds might not be skills worth pursuing.

What's left to pursue then is the skill of learning to brainstorm new ideas and getting deep into a topic, so you can start developing what's called a taste.