Real Worlds


The metaverse is a real world. It does not matter that the objects in it are not real, what does matter is that the people in it are real and the experiences you can have in it are.

It currently only provides shallow experiences, as there is very limited display of human emotions and real behavior. But that is only a technological hurdle.

Improvements in technology will bring the spectrum closer and closer to the point where human interaction can feel totally natural. You will see other people's emotions on their faces, people will be able to move around freely and you will be able to hear people around you naturally like you would in real life.

And while it may never be able to convey the feel of touching another person and it will never replace real life, it enables an incredible amount of new worlds to explore.

I quite like the Black Mirror episode "San Junipero". It shows people going to a digital place called San Junipero, which resembles a beach resort in the 1980s.

Most people go there to party and enjoy their lives just like on vacation. It is a place where highly advanced technology takes people to a simpler time.

It may not be real, but the experiences people make in the episode are, very so. As for myself, I'd sometimes like to go to a place much simpler than today, where there is no social media, no LinkedIn, nobody to impress.

It is just such a real and intense experience, just meeting people and taking them for who they want to be, without the internet, just a real connection by being at the same place.

That's something I'd like to see in the world.